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Vigor Acupuncture Needles

Vigor Acupuncture Needles offer superior quality and performance. Vigor employs high quality methods and materials to to ensure quality, consistency, and comfort with every needle.

  • Surgical grade german steel construction
  • Mechanically sharpened tips for increased comfort
  • Silicon coated
  • No Nickle
  • Sterilized with ethylene oxide gas
  • Individually packaged
  • Easily Accessible packaging for ease of use
  • 100 needles per box
  • 87.5% of clinics who try them, buy them
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Vigor needles are made with surgical grade German steel. The high quality construction utilizes vacuum forged steel. A process which does not allow the molten steel to oxidize and therefore create impurities. This ensures Vigor needles are nickel free.


The needle tips sharpened mechanically to reduce discomfort during use. This ensures a consistent tip and therefore a consistent experience.


Vigor needles are coated with bio-inert silicone. This allows the needle to be applied easily and maximizes patient comfort. They are sterilized with ethylene oxide gas and individually packaged. The medical sealing paper has been designed for easy peeling.

Sizes Available

  • .16 x 15mm
  • .20 x 15mm
  • .20 x 25mm
  • .22 x 25mm
  • .25 x 25mm
  • .20 x 30mm
  • .22 x 30mm
  • .25 x 30mm
  • .20 x 40mm
  • .22 x 40mm
  • .30 x 40mm
  • .22 x 50mm
  • .25 x 50mm
  • .30 x 50mm
  • .25 x 75mm
  • .30 x 75mm

Additional information

Acupuncture needle Size

0.16mm/15mm, 0.20mm/15mm, 0.20mm/25mm, 0.20mm/30mm, 0.20mm/40mm, 0.22mm/25mm, 0.22mm/30mm, 0.22mm/40mm, 0.22mm/50mm, 0.25mm/25mm, 0.25mm/30mm, 0.25mm/40mm, 0.25mm/50mm, 0.25mm/75mm, 0.30mm/40mm, 0.30mm/50mm, 0.30mm/75mm


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