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Pino Xpert Plus electric 3 Section Treatment Table – (Special order)

PINO XPERT electrical base Table Includes,   Delivery time: 8-10 weeks (Made in Germany)

  • Headboard: 1-part fixed headboard
  • Lying area: 2-part lying surface
  • Height adjustment: All-round switching
  • Upholstery color: Dark Grey
  • Frame color: silver dark gray
  • Padding width: 65 cm padding width
  • Upholstery height: 7 cm upholstery height
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PINO XPERT + therapy couch – ( MADE IN GERMANY)

The electrical therapy couch PINO XPERT + impresses with its first-class standard equipment and a newly revised, innovative design. The slim frame in high-quality silver & dark gray two-tone look and the tapered bed surface enable ergonomic work close to the patient: inside. In addition, the scissor frame makes unsightly cables disappear and runs without offset. Equipped with an integrated turbo motor as standard, the: the patient: is driven safely and quietly to the optimal treatment height. Thanks to the integrated, central wheel axle lifting system, the bed can be moved effortlessly. Double felled seams on the upholstery underline the modern look of the lounger and ensure long durability. The revised upholstery foam enables a better pressure distribution during the massage and offers a pleasant lying comfort. You can freely choose from 14 upholstery colors, design your dream lounger precisely according to your requirements and it will be individually manufactured in our production facility. Highest reliability, ideally suited for use in physiotherapy or in the spa.

Advantages for practice:

  • Slim design for ergonomic working
  • Modern look thanks to hidden cables and double upholstery seams
  • Integrated German quality turbo engine
  • Equipment & color can be configured individually

Product details:

  • Medical device
  • Quality Made in Germany – individual production in our own production
  • Please note that this is a product that is intended for professional use only.

Dimensions (with standard equipment): L x W: 200 x 65 cm

Weight (with standard equipment): Approx. 120 kg

– 3-part  headboard

  • Shape-optimized, three-piece headboard
  • With an integrated, oval nose slot for treatments in the prone position
  • Comfortable, ergonomic storage thanks to additional armrests
  • Infinitely and smoothly adjustable via gas pressure spring from -90° to +35°
  • Robust, double felled seams
  • Made in Germany
  • Width: 65cm
  • Please note that the multi-part headboards retain their width of 65 cm with a bed width of 80 cm
3-part head part with nose slit insert and robust felled seams

– All-round switching

  • Practical all-round switch for convenient height adjustment from any position
  • Consists of two chrome-plated brackets that are attached close to the frame of the therapy table
  • Allows the stool to roll up close
  • Ergonomically optimized for even easier operation even when seated
  • More safety in everyday practice thanks to the Double Touch Safety System: the electrical height adjustment is only activated by pressing the rotary switch twice
  • By pressing the bar twice, the bed is raised
  • By pressing the bar upwards twice, the bed is lowered
  • Please note: The all-round switch cannot be retrofitted and must be ordered together with the therapy bed
All-round switch for comfortable height adjustment of the therapy bed Double Touch Safety System for safe height adjustment of the bed

Standard equipment

Product details motor & height adjustment:

  • Standard control with electrical height adjustment over 48–92 cm in just 16 seconds.
  • Control via low-maintenance German quality turbo engine
  • Maximum safety with the standard “Double Touch Safety System”
  • Integrated, invisible motor
  • 2 year guarantee on the drive

Product details upholstery & lying surface:

  • Hand-sewn premium upholstery, 7 cm thick, with an antimicrobial synthetic leather cover
  • Better pressure distribution thanks to revised upholstery foam
  • Robust, double felled seams
  • Shape-optimized 1-part body part with separate head part
  • Shape-optimized, one-piece head section with nose slot, continuously and smoothly adjustable from -90 ° to + 30 ° using a gas spring
  • Ergonomic work on the patient: inside thanks to the tapered foot area
  • Large selection of fresh upholstery colors to match practice stools and storage material

Product details frame & frame:

  • Two-tone frame in silver and dark gray
  • Tidy look with hidden cables
  • Loadable up to 200 kg
  • Integrated, central wheel axle lifting system
  • Height adjustment without moving the upholstered surface to the left or right thanks to the scissor frame without lateral offset
  • Maintenance-free dry sliding bearings
  • High durability thanks to powder coating
  • 5 year guarantee on the frame


Additional information

Upholstery color

Azure (+$0.00), Bordeaux (+$0.00), Brown (+$0.00), Cherry (+$0.00), Dark gray (+$00.00), Deep blue (+$0.00), Ice Blue (+$00.00), Light beige (+$00.00), Lime (+$00.00), Purple (+$0.00), Saffron (+0.00), Terracotta (+$0.00), White (+$0.00)


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