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TheraBand Resistance Band Advanced Kit,

  • Latex or latex-free resistance bands made for intensifying your yoga, pilates, strengthening, toning, and stretching regimens
  • An effective alternative and solution to dumbbells and free weights at home, in the gym, and on the go
  • Enables advanced upper and lower extremity exercises with unique grip options
  • Blue and black bands offer 5.8 to 7.3 pounds of resistance at 100% elongation
  • Preferred choice of therapy and fitness professionals
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Upper and Lower Body Resistance Training

The TheraBand Resistance Band Advanced Kit offers an increased level of rehabilitation and athletic strengthening and conditioning. These bands work to tone and rehab major muscle groups, and can be used for strength training, stretching, and increased range of motion for the upper and lower body. This kit is easy to use, versatile, and includes basic exercise instructions. Each kit includes one Blue and one Black resistance band that both measure 5′ in length.

Alternative to Dumbbells and Free Weights

An alternative to dumbbells and free weights that you’ve been missing out on – TheraBand Resistance Bands! Take with you and use anywhere and at anytime. The lightweight, portable design is excellent for upper and lower body use when you’re at home, traveling, or working out in the gym. Add to your current yoga, pilates, strengthening, toning, or stretching regimen for an intensified workout.

Intermediate to Advanced Levels of Resistance

The blue and black bands are intermediate to advanced band options that provide a 25% increase in pull force. Begin with the blue band and progress to black as your exercises get easier and your strength increases. The blue band equals 5.8 pounds in weight, and the black bands equals 7.3 pounds in weight.


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