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TheraBand Resistance Band Kits, Beginner Kit, Yellow/Red/Green

Attractively retail packaged, these packs are ideal for home dispensing where patient progression through rehab is prescribed.

  • A superior band product for resistance training and rehabilitation, provides both positive and negative force on muscles and joints, stretches tones and conditions all major muscle groups
  • Simple and easy to use product for upper and lower body exercises that can be performed anywhere, is ideal for conditioning and rehabbing muscles
  • Color-Coded progressive resistance system allows users to recognize improvement as it happens, as you grow stronger you can move up to the next color
  • Highest quality natural rubber latex resistance bands are recognized as the original system of progressive resistance for over 25 years
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TheraBands resistive exercise system makes measuring progress and achieving goals easy. Utilizing unique colours makes differentiating between levels easy and helps users progress systematically during training. Using these bands during exercise improves strength, range of motions and cooperation of muscle groups. The Bands are an affordable and convenient choice compared to similar products such as weights. They are also portable and offer versatile exercise options.   These retail packs are packaged in blister packs to be sold in clinics. Each package contains bands of progressive resistance allowing patients to continue training at home and track their progress.

  • Colour coded to easily track progression
  • Helps improve range of motion and strength
  • Portable and easily store
  • Diverse exercise options
  • Light Packaged with 5ft lengths of Yellow, Red, & Green
  • Heavy Packaged with 5ft lengths of Blue & Black
  • Packaged in retail display boxes in English and French


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