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Set of Functional Joints


  • Functional models to show movement
  • Shoulder, Elbow, Hip and Knee
  • Smart Anatomy included
  • Includes bases
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This set of functional models is a great compliment for any physiotherapy or rehabilitation setting. Ideal for demonstrating and teaching patients about injuries, preventative measures and treatment options.

These high quality, life-size functional joint models provides a graphic demonstration of the anatomy and mechanics of the human joints and connective tissue. Use this fully flexible model to demonstrate abduction, anteversion, retroversion and internal/external rotation.

Functional Shoulder Joint

The Functional shoulder joint model includes scapula, clavicle and portion of the humerus to give a great display of the shoulder girdle and ac joint.  Comes on a stand for easy study and display.

Functional Hip Joint

This high quality functional joint consists of portion of femur, hip bone and joint ligaments. Comes on a stand for easy display in the classroom or doctors office.

Functional Knee Joint

Model consists of portion of femur, tibia and portion of fibula; also includes meniscus, patella with quadriceps tendon and joint ligaments, including the ACL and PCL.

Delivered on removable stand for easy study or display.

Functional Elbow Joint

Elbow joint consists of portion of the humerus, complete ulna and radius as well as joint ligaments.

Comes on removable stand for easy study or display.


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