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Platinum – New Clinic Bundle pack

This Package includes the following :

  1. Galaxy 3 Section Treatment Table
  2. HYDROCOLLATOR® M-2 MOBILE HEATING UNIT with 2 Oversize, 4 Cervical & 4 Standard HotPacs
  3. Legned XT Combo (IFC/Ultrasound) – 2 Channel
  4. Chattanooga Laser with 9 Diode Cluster Applicator – 1040mW
5. GALAXY Traction Table TTET300 with following accessories :
  1. TX® Traction Unit,
  2. Saunders Cervical Traction device,
  3. Deluxe Universal Belt System,
  4. TXS 1 – Flexion Stool,
  5. Bolster
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Details about products:

  1. Galaxy 3 Section treatment table

Product features:
• Adjustable head section from +40 to -70 with gas spring
• Easy access foot switch, accessible from any position around the table 360°, for simple height
• Face hole on head section with removable face hole cover
• Adjustable leg section from 0 to 90 with gas spring
• Two-layer padding with non-flammable, bio-compatible and scratch resistant upholstery in many
• Powder coated, extremely stable scissor steel frame
• 2 side brackets for fixation of stabilization belts and elastic bands
• Traction support sleeves
• Personal Authorization System with 2 safety magnetic keys
• Hallotronic® System electric high/low height adjustment from 52 to 102 cm
• Non-slip rubber feet with 1 cm height adjustment allowing leveling of the table
• 2 types of frame:
-2 small wheels and 2 legs
-4 directional castors with central brake and 4 leg





2. HYDROCOLLATOR® M-2 MOBILE HEATING UNIT. Durable and easy to maintain, these high-quality stainless steel units give you a constant supply of temperature-consistent HotPacs™.

  • HYDROCOLLATOR® M-2 MOBILE HEATING UNIT with 2 Oversize, 4 Cervical & 4 Standard HotPacs
  • Full fiberglass insulation to prevent heat loss
  • Dependable, rugged stainless steel design
  • Simple to fill with water.
  • No plumbing required
  • Constant temperature of HotPacs is maintained
  • One year warranty




3. Legned XT Combo (IFC/Ultrasound) – 2 Channel

Electrotherapy is the application of electrical stimulation transmitted through the body via electrodes for therapeutic purposes.  With electrotherapy, the current flows through the body from one electrode to the other and causes different physiological reactions, which are determined by the type of current selected, the parameters of the selected current and the output intensity. The Intelect Legend XT is one of the most advanced therapy systems available. Beneath its award-winning, ergonomic design is a sophisticated, versatile, user-friendly system. The Intelect Legend XT lets you offer a comprehensive range of therapies in a single, state-of-the-art unit.
Product Information:

  • Patented award-winning, ergonomic modular design
  • Easy-to-add modularity allows the addition of two additional channels of electrotherapy or a battery module
  • High contrast 5 (13 cm) FSTN LCD monochromatic user interface
  • Two independent electrotherapy channels, expandable to four independent channels
  • Multiple waveform electrotherapy-six clinical waveforms: Interferential, Premodulated, High Volt, Russian, Symmetrical Biphasic and Microcurrent
  • Documentation of treatment data with Patient Data Cards
  • User defined protocols for your specific needs
  • Dual frequency ultrasound at 1 or 3.3 MHz
    Pulsed or Continuous Duty Cycles (10%, 20%, 50% & 100%)
    Four ergonomically designed soundhead applicator sizes: 1 cm², 2 cm², 5 cm² & 10 cm²
    Watertight soundheads for use in underwater therapy
  • Therapy System Cart maximizes storage of clinical supplies and organizes cables
  • Optional Operator Remotes allow treatment stop, start and pause, as well as change in amplitude at any time during a treatment session. Each remote is color-coded for designation between channels

4. Vectra Genisys Laser is an addition to the Vectra Genisys family of therapy systems, providing Laser Light Therapy.

Product Benefits:

  • The Vectra Genisys Laser is the latest model to the award winning Vectra Genisys family of therapy systems
  • An easy-to-use, dedicated laser system provides true laser light therapy so you can offer your client the best laser treatment
  • Featuring a logical control system and a large, easy- to-read graphical LCD display for your convenience
  • This laser unit uniquely designed for tabletop, wall mount or mobile use for multi-purpose usage

Cart Adapter (blue) – Allows the unit to attach securely to the Therapy Cart. This is necessary when ordering a cart for a TranSport Unit.

Product Details:

  • Fully functional device with independent control over all parameters
  • Display of dosage in choice of joules or joules/cm²
  • Continuous and pulsed treatment modes
  • Real time feedback of dosage delivered
  • Laser protective eyewear included (2x)
  • This laser unit does NOT include any applicators
  • Choice of eight interchangeable Laser Diode and Cluster Applicators (sold separately)
  • All laser applicators are interchangeable due to Electronic Signature recognition residing on each applicator
  • Carry chart is not included

GALAXY Traction Table TTET300 with following accessories : TX® Traction Unit, Saunders Cervical Traction device, Deluxe Universal Belt System, TXS 1 – Flexion Stool, Bolster

The Galaxy TTET300 is a multifunctional 3-section traction table which, in conjunction with a traction unit, allows for easy and efficient spinal traction treatment. Traction treatment has been utilized for years as a safe solution in the treatment of spinal conditions involving nerve root compression, acute muscular spasm and osteoarthritic discogenic conditions.

Stretching the spine reduces pressure on the intervertebral disc, relaxes tense muscles, relieves compression and irritation of the nerve roots and improves circulation in the area of the vertebral artery. The TTET300’s roller-mounted surface prevents friction below the hips and legs, allowing to apply the full traction force during vertebral treatment. In addition, because the rolling sections can be locked in place, this variable-height traction table also serves as an ideal treatment couch.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides maximum patient comfort in prone and supine positions for both manual therapy and traction therapy
  • Roller-mounted surface prevents friction below the hips and legs
  • Repositional head/back section elevates to 85°
  • Gas spring assists on friction-free movable sections for easy positioning
  • HalloTronic® System enables electric high/low height adjustment from 57 to 102 cm with capacity up to 200 kg
  • Available in 3 different upholstery colour versions: Navy Blue, Graphite Gray, Black


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