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PINOFIT Trigger point & massage tool (Set of 3)

Trigger point & massage tool set with 3 different degrees of hardness for individual pressure adjustment. Ideal for massage and for use with trigger points or for supportive treatment of fascial tension. Set with 3 trigger point & massage tools:  1x coral, 1x lime, 1x dark grey.

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Massage device set of 3 for the targeted treatment of trigger points

The PINOFIT trigger point & massage tools are ideal for effective massages for the targeted treatment of trigger points and fascial tension. Through the individual pressure adjustment, hardened muscles can be loosened even better, blood circulation can be improved and pain can be alleviated.

Plus points for your fitness:

  • Ideal for massaging muscle tension and for use on trigger points
  • Assist in improving blood flow to muscle tissue
  • Can release fascial tension

Product Details:

  • Set consisting of three tools in the degrees of hardness hard (dark grey), medium (lime) and soft (coral)
  • For an effective massage, targeted treatment of trigger points and fascial tension
  • Made of high quality, durable silicone
  • Also available individually

Degrees of hardness:

Gray – hard
apple green – medium
coral – soft

Scope of delivery:

3 pieces


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