PINOFIT mini band helps all important muscle groups and your muscles can be trained in a targeted and effective way. The execution of classic strength training exercises such as lunges, squats or shuffles are just as possible as typical running, coordination and mobility exercises. The extra wide rubber band made of latex is versatile and always guarantees the best safety for use in the practice, at home and on the go.

Plus points for therapy:

  • Professional quality for the highest demands
  • For targeted training of all important muscle groups
  • Offers optimal stretch properties combined with linear resistance development
  • Lightweight & compact: ideal for on the go

Product Details:

  • Light to Extra strong resistance
  • Pure natural latex: 99% free from allergenic latex proteins
  • Tear-resistant: withstands even the highest loads
  • medical device
  • Available in different resistances: light, medium, medium, strong, extra strong


Approx. 33x5cm



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