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PINOFIT Cross Tape Blue (large)

Use the advantages of a grid tape for targeted stimulation of trigger points in muscle hardening or overload. The Cross Tape is made of high-quality material, on the underside of which a non-toxic, skin-friendly adhesive ensures ideal adhesion to the skin. 20 sheets of 2 patches. In sporty blue. Size: large. Dimensions: approx. 5.2 x 4.5 cm.

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PINOFIT Cross Tape blue in small to stick on typical trigger points

The PINOFIT Cross Tape supports the targeted stimulation of trigger points (also called pain, reflex or acupuncture points). These are often painful muscle hardenings caused by overloading muscle fibers. By sticking on the grid tape, these smallest muscle cramps can be effectively stimulated. This is intended to improve the flow of energy in the relevant areas*. The tape allows you full freedom of movement in all activities and is therefore ideal for use in practice or during sports. It’s that easy: Determine trigger points (or have them determined), stick on PINOFIT Cross Tape.


Plus points for therapy:

  • Professional quality for the highest demands
  • May reduce muscle tightness*
  • May support muscle relief*
  • Can promote performance*

Product Details:

  • Grid structure for optimal breathing of the skin
  • With non-toxic, skin-friendly adhesive for ideal adhesion even during sporting activities
  • Also for use in combination with PINOTAPE
  • Available in different sizes


approx. 2.7 x 2.1 cm


Scope of delivery:

20 sheets of 9 patches


*The assumption of an effect is based on many individual case reports and empirical values. It is not considered evidence-based. The mode of action is also purely hypothetical so far.


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