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PINOFIT balance board rehab (49cm)

Train your balance simply and easily with this wooden balance board – Made in Germany. It supports stability, coordination and balance exercises as well as strengthening the deep-seated muscles in the ankle and knee joints. Integrated damper with low movement dynamics. Dimensions (Ø): approx. 49 cm.

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The PINOFIT balance board is equipped with an unstable base and an integrated damper with low movement dynamics. Both challenges the body to keep its balance with careful compensatory movements. The smaller muscle groups in particular are activated and trained. On the large area, exercises can also be carried out while sitting or lying down. The multifunctional exercise tool is suitable for effective training in the practice as well as at home.

Plus points for therapy:

  • Professional quality for the highest demands
  • Supports the strengthening of the deep muscle groups and balance training
  • Can optimize leg axis stability 
  • Ideal for exercises in a hip-width stance, while sitting or lying down and for supporting yourself with your arms

Product Details:

  • For balance exercises and proprioceptive training
  • Integrated damper with low movement dynamics
  • Less flexible than the PINOFIT Balance Board Dynamic
  • Large footprint with non-slip coating
  • Underside with non-slip, floor-protecting rubber nubs
  • Birch wood multiplex panels, natural
  • Max. loadable up to 100 kg
  • Made in Germany


Ø approx. 49 cm

Scope of delivery:

1 balance board 


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