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ofa fit expert (The stable pull-on aid)

The stable donning aid is easy and safe to use. Also due to its light weight it is ideally suitable should you wish to put on your compression stockings yourself even if you have restricted personal mobility. Ofa Fit Expert has swivel handle bars and it is not necessary to assemble parts.

  • suitable for all compression stockings
  • ideal when personal mobility is restricted
  • stable frame
  • light weight, easy to use
  • swivel handle bars for space saving storage
  • easy use with no need to assemble
  • easy to clean and wash
  • can prescribed by a physician
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Be independent – with Ofa Fit Expert

To be independent despite restricted personal mobility: The compression stocking is put into the semi-circular frame in such a way that the top of the stocking is folded over inside out. Now pull the stocking with some force so far over the frame that the tip of the foot is visible. We recommend for easier use and for the protection of the knitted fabric our special rubber gloves.

Next place the pull-on aid on the floor and slide the foot into the stocking till the heel is positioned on the floor. Gradually pull Ofa Fit Expert so far upwards with both handles till the stocking is within reach. Remove the pull-on aid from the leg and put on the stocking as usual till it sits correctly and is wrinkle-free.



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