Ofa 365 are revitalising stockings which can be used every day and have a distinct reason behind their name. Whether you use them for service jobs, a visit to the zoo, or while meeting friends, the revitalizing stockings are always comfortable to wear and are suitable for every occasion thanks to the different designs.

Skincare built in

People who suffer from venous disorders often report having particularly dry skin. Insufficient blood circulation and a lack of nutrients result in an increased need for moisturisation. For this reason, the revitalising Ofa 365 stockings have been developed with moisturizing aloe vera. Skincare is built in!

With the help of nanotechnology, the precious aloe vera extracts are embedded into the fibres during yarn production and are released directly onto the skin in a controlled manner as soon as the stocking comes into contact with it.

An additional bonus is that the soothing effect lasts within the stocking for more than 100 washing cycles!

The sizes

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Size I ( Shoe Size: 36-38), Size II ( Shoe Size: 39-41), Size III ( Shoe Size: 42-44), Size IV ( Shoe Size: 45-47)


Black, Navy Blue


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