Memory Aloe Vera combines an elegant full-fashioned stocking look and the highest wearing comfort with integrated skin care. The combination of active ingredients from Aloe Vera extracts and Vitamin E moisturises, soothes and protects against premature skin ageing. Memory Aloe Vera – simply cared for, simply beautiful.

Benefit of Aloe Vera skin-care agents in compression stockings

Clinical study

Patients with venous deficiency often suffer from dry skin. In fact, skin problems are the most common reason why patients discontinue compression therapy as shown in a study. Memory Aloe Vera continuously supplies moisture to the skin and thus makes an important contribution to patients’ compliance.

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The only compression stocking that while worn nurtures the skin permanently – without the need to replenish

Dry skin

Current studies show that patients, both male and female, often discontinue therapy when they find wearing their compression stockings an unpleasant experience. If they do not fit properly or their legs suffer from dry skin, the therapy is often jeopardized.

Though it should be considered that venous problems are often accompanied by dry skin. For the skin is no longer supplied with sufficient nutrients. This leads in combination with the – medically required – tight fit of compression stockings to an increased need for moisture.

Simply effective

Memory Aloe Vera contains a combination of Aloe Vera extracts and Vitamin E that is directly integrated into the yarn. It simply moisturises the skin when the stockings are worn. This can help skin irritation to subside and dry skin does not occur in the first place.

Extra long life time

The ingredients are dispensed in a controlled manner – for well over one hundred washings. The Memory Aloe Vera does not need to be replenished and can be washed in the usual way.



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Additional information


1, 2, 3, 4, 5


23-32 mmHg

Foot Length

Short Foot (36 – 40)


Blueberry (Blue), Caramel (Light Brown), Chocolate (Dark Brown), Honey (Beige), Licorice (Black), Marzipan (Light Beige), Nougat (Brown), Poppy (Carbon)


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