OFA dynamics plus knee brace is suitable for acute therapy as well as for preventative wearing during sporting activities or in day-to-day life. The honeycomb design, inspired by nature, protects your knee from damage. The incorporated silicone pad has a pimple-covered ridge. These should stimulate precisely the quadriceps tendons. This can intensify the effect of the brace and also stabilise the knee. In addition, a massaging effect to the kneecap is generated, whereby the blood circulation is stimulated and the degradation may be accelerated by swelling. In the knee pit, the OFA dynamics plus knee brace is fitted with an Arthroflex comfort zone. This fits the body well and prevents wrinkles.


  • kneecap cartilage disorder (chondromalacia patellae)
  • contusions, sprains (distortions)
  • meniscus damage
  • degenerative changes, such as joint inflammation (arthritis) and joint degeneration (arthrosis)
  • after knee joint operations


In the following cases you should consult your doctor before using this product:

  • skin conditions or injuries in the area of application, particularly where signs of inflammation are present, such as redness, temperature increase or swelling
  • feeling of numbness and circulatory problems in the area of application
  • problems with lymphatic drainage as well as unexplained swelling

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