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Dura-Stick® Plus Electrode – 2″x3.5″ (Rectangular)

The most economical!

Composed of a carbon film covered with non-washable textile threads, the Dura-Stick electrode ensures excellent conduction of the current thanks to the hypoallergenic Multistick gel. Its manufacture makes it a perfect electrode for single-patient use. Its longevity can go up to 20 sessions under normal conditions of use.

Bag of 4 electrodes.Wire connection.

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The Dura-Stick Plus electrodes have a tab to position and remove them easily.


  • Quality: Estimated longevity of 40 sessions and the 1000 strands technology favours an optimal conduction of current
  • Price: the reference for electrodes on the market


  • Top: non washable fabric layer
  • Underside: metal wire microweaving and hypoallergenic gel
  • Connection: wire electrodes for all sizes or Snap CefarCompex for some models (Muscle Intelligence Technology)
  • Writeable plastic bag: write name of your patient, date of his 1st use and number of uses

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Weight 0.05 kg

2" x 2" Square, 2" X 3.5" Rectangle


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