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BODYMATE Silicone Cupping Set – Set of 4

Based on the traditional cupping therapy, these Silicone Cupping Jars are made of high quality transparent silicone. This kind of silicone material is safer and more hygienic and has good resistance to acids, alkalis in high and low temperatures.
• Avoid Scalding (No fire required)
• Easy to Use
• Carrying Pouch
• Instruction Manual
•Comfortable, Safe and Effective
• 4 piece Cups
CUP 1: Inner 2.7″ / Outter 3.1″
CUP 2: Inner 2.0″ / Outter 2.4″
CUP 3: Inner 1.6″ / Outter 1.9″
CUP 4: Inner 1.2″ / Outter 1.5″

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