Apollo Class 4 Cold Laser Systems has been delivering some of the world’s best and most powerful lasers. Their family of FDA cleared lasers offers exceptional value in the class 4 group of lasers. With a balance of power and safety, Apollo lasers are widely accepted as one of the standards for professional use. All Apollo lasers are built of heavy-duty aerospace quality aluminum construction for maximum durability in both office and clinical environments. With up to 5 watts (5,000 mW) of continuous power at 810nm, these lasers were created to achieve optimum energy density in a very short period. Their 500mW trigger point probe / emitter can deliver densities up to 167.4 J/cm2 per minute so it is perfect for acupuncturist and practitioners working with trigger point therapy or treating small areas of the face and hands. The larger Apollo probes can deliver up to 72 J/cm2 per minute in a treatment area of over 1 square inch.

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