Kinesiology tape: the idea behind the elastic tapes
Professional kinesiological tape techniques have long since arrived in physiotherapy or in competitive and popular sports. They enable controlled, moderate movements that can positively influence the healing process of certain injuries.
The idea of ​​the therapy methodology can be traced back to the Japanese chiropractor Dr. Kenzo Kase. Around 40 years ago he developed the first kinesiological tape under the name Kinesio Tape for his Kinesio Taping method. The basic considerations for the development of the tape dealt with the realization that e.g. For example, in the case of certain sports injuries, the immobilisation of joints – as is achieved by the use of sports tape – should not be guaranteed, but rather the mobilization of the supporting and musculoskeletal system. After its spread, the method was continuously developed. Well-founded physiotherapeutic, sports medicine and orthopedic findings have meanwhile flowed into the tape techniques. The increased use in competitive sports is the reason why Tapen is so successful worldwide.